The unknown region of castles and fortresses

The Molise region is perhaps “unknown” to many, although it is rich in history, attractive villages and nature reserves. Many medieval castles and fortresses are located in Molise.

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The region of Molise is located in central-southern Italy, between the regions of Abruzzo and Apulia. It is one of the smallest and least visited regions in Italy and has an area of only around 4,460.65 km² and a population of 290,255 inhabitants (as of October 31, 2022). The landscape consists mainly of rolling hills and mountains criss-crossed by rivers and streams. The region also has a short coastline on the Adriatic Sea. However, it is less famous than the coasts of other Italian regions. The small region is known for its unspoiled nature and offers many opportunities for enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and mountain biking.

The capital of Molise is Campobasso, a picturesque town with a medieval castle, a Gothic cathedral and a variety of museums and art galleries. Other important towns in the region are Termoli, a well-known seaside destination, and Isernia, a historic town with ancient Roman ruins.

This region offers a unique cuisine based on local products and traditions. The culinary specialties of the region include homemade pasta, grilled lamb, cheese and sausages. The region also produces excellent olive oils and wines.

All in all, Molise is a small but charming region. It is particularly known for its unspoiled nature, its culinary specialties and its history and culture. For many tourists, the region is a worthwhile destination to experience the beauty and authenticity of Italy off the beaten track.

The region of Molise consists of two provinces, which we would like to introduce to you here:

  • Campobasso – Brief info with map available here: CAMPOBASSO
  • Isernia – Brief info with map available here: ISERNIA

The Molise region offers a lot to discover.