Establish a Revitapolis service company with us in your locality.

Tasks of a Revitapolis service company: A Revitapolis service company actively participates in the project Revitapolis. Revitapolis service companies support communities, businesses and individuals in their participation in the Revitapolis project. Revitapolis service company are independent companies which are founded by people on site. Revitapolis service companies are in communication with us and adhere to the Revitapolis quality standards we have established. Revitapolis service companies take care of properties on site, whether it’s maintenance or leasing. Revitapolis service companies take care of people who want to emigrate to Italy. Revitapolis service companies take care of companies that want to relocate their business to Italy.

Revitapolis Service Company

Services for companies

  • Start-ups
  • Business partner search
  • Tax advisor search
  • Lawyer search
  • Recruitment
  • Application for subsidies

Services for private individuals

  • Real estate search
  • Craftsman search
  • Language courses
  • Hauswirtschaft
  • Renting
  • Organization of social, cultural or tourist events