Information about the project

Revitapolis – a project for Italy

The goal is the sustainable revitalization and enhancement of the places in harmony with nature. The aim is also to improve rural infrastructure in Italy. Slow living is the goal. The deceleration of everyday life is urgently needed in today’s world. Healthy living. Italy has a lot to offer: Picturesque places and landscapes, uncomplicated people and unique flora and fauna.

The rural exodus must be stopped. Abandoned places should be revived. New structures of coexistence are created. To this end, companies are to be located throughout Italy. The Covid 19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have shown that globalization as we know it is at an end. The production chains must be built up more closely again. Countries where production takes place must be reliable.

Young people and start-ups are to be encouraged and supported. Youth is our future. We are committed to our children.

We want to settle modern forms of economy, which can develop sustainably and with respect for nature and the environment. Italy offers excellent conditions, especially for so-called digital nomads, for balancing work and private life. It’s not just about the so-called “work-life balance.” Rather, people should find their center again by decelerating their everyday life and lead a healthy and balanced life.

Italy also offers retirees the opportunity to spend a dignified retirement, even with a small pension. Italy offers good medical care. A healthy and balanced diet is also important for seniors. In Italy, these can benefit from the fact that regionally grown food can be purchased, especially in the south.

People from home and abroad are invited to spend their vacations not always only in the well-known and now overcrowded resorts. Much unknown areas offer wonderful opportunities to spend an unforgettable vacation, where you can then also get to know the authentic Italy and get a real insight into the true dolce vita.

People who want to immigrate to Italy should be supported by this portal. Italy needs people. The whole world is invited. The future is now!

We are also happy to help create opportunities to learn the Italian language.

You are looking for real life, then come to us.