We want to promote culture in Italy. This is not just about man-made culture. It is about culture that is in harmony with nature. We want to invite people from all over the world to Italy to realize themselves in harmony with the country in cultural projects and events.

What is culture?

Culture is man-made nature, which is actually the opposite of pure nature. Then the actual nature would be the divine culture, because this probably originates from the divine. Both are acts of creation that are meant to reflect the majesty of a being. Creation is the central theme of culture. It begins with agriculture and continues through many stages to high art, such as that of music, theater, painting and literature, to name just a few sub-areas. A heavily capitalist structure in society is therefore not a culture, because destruction is inherent in it, and not a creation.

Our goal here, therefore, is just as much to return a bit to the real culture in humility. “Back to the roots” you could also say. With our initiative, we want to make a small contribution to reconnecting high culture with the simple life in the countryside. The goal is to create and support the real culture.

Do you feel addressed, so here could be your key to happiness!

Photo: country life in Italy, lonely thinker in wonderful landscape

Regardless of whether an artist reaches or wants to reach the big show stage of life, he should still develop his own art to the fullest extent in harmony with nature. This in a harmonious interaction with the landscape and society, persisting in discussions and conversations, makes the energy flow. With such a basic mood, real friendships can develop, impressive concerts can be given and colorful exhibitions can be organized.

People need to have time for the good things in life again. We want to support this!

We have a lot planned! Have we made you curious?

Then take with us Kontakt on.