Want to enhance and revitalize your community?

Show them what their community has to offer. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your community and bring it to new life. We support them that your community will develop and shine in new splendor. Become colorful!

It’s about more than upgrading and revitalizing old towns and decaying properties. Houses only have life in them when they are inhabited. That is why we believe that renovating a building in the Old Town can only be part of the solution. If a house is not inhabited, it is doomed to decline again.

We want to bring together on our portal all the activities that are important and necessary for a sustainable revitalization and upgrading, so that Italy shines in new splendor. This includes economic development and the permanent settlement of people, families and companies from all over the world. For this, the infrastructure must be created by the municipalities. We want to support them in this. In this context, let’s bring back into the country the Italians who emigrated. They are part of the solution and our future.

The aim is to establish a stable infrastructure in rural areas as well. Existing structures are to be expanded. Italy has the potential for this. Hardworking people, wonderful landscapes, charming places. Let’s stop the emigration of our youth. Let’s stop the degradation of infrastructure in rural Italy. Let’s reverse this fatal development. We are ready. You too?