Campotosto in the province of L'Aquila, Abruzzo

Italy’s green region

If you are looking for untouched nature, Abruzzo is the place to be! The region is also known as the “green region of Europe”. More than a third of its area is protected and designated as a park. There are still many areas of untouched nature here.

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Abruzzo is geographically located in central Italy. Historically and culturally, however, the region is part of southern Italy. The region has an area of 10,831.84 km² and 1,305,770 inhabitants (as of December 31, 2019). From the Middle Ages until the 19th century, Abruzzo belonged to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and later to Naples, which led to economic and cultural interdependencies. The 150 km long coastal strip on the Adriatic Sea transitions over a hilly landscape into the Abruzzo Apennines, where the famous Gran Sasso mountain massif is located. The region is known for its intact and unspoiled nature, which is why it is also called the “green region of Europe”. In Abruzzo there are the Abruzzo National Park, the Gran Sasso National Park, the Maiella National Park and the Sirente-Velino Regional Park. The capital of the region is L’Aquila with 69,710 inhabitants (as of December 31, 2019). The climate ranges from a Mediterranean climate on the coast to a continental climate in the mountains.

Abruzzo consists of 4 provinces, which we would like to introduce to you here.

  • Chieti – Brief info with map available here: CHIETI
  • Pescara – Brief info with map available here: PESCARA
  • Teramo – Brief info with map available here: TERAMO
  • L’Aquila – Brief info with map available here: L’AQUILA

The Abruzzo region is unique with its untouched landscapes and is ideal for extensive hikes.